Your Honest Answer EP

by Cavalier

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Cavalier Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Jenny Lynne
Jenny Lynne it’s wets outside, as drops of washington cloud my million dollar view, this place where I last kissed you. You’re not missing that much back at home, but home is missing you. I am missing you. Time breaks hearts but it can heal them to. I pray that God rescues us from traps and snares that we’ve been caught in.
Track Name: Stop the Time
The lifeless parts of me seem to be alive. You’ve inspired me to be a better person all around, but you have no idea how much that means to me. A kiss from you would be an honest answer. Stop the time, oh God please stop this world from spinning. I prayed so hard this night would never end. So tell me why you don’t reply to my most intriguing lines. It’s telling me you’re scared but you won’t be hurt no more. In a few short hours you’ll be braving through cascading mountains, but come to think of it your not that far from me. And if I’m gonna make a move I’m gonna make it now. Stop the time, oh God please stop this world from spinning. I prayed so hard this night would never end. Though it’s not exactly what I was expecting, I couldn’t ask for more from anyone. The lifeless parts of me seem to be alive.
Track Name: No One's Watching
Dancing bossa nova, our pulses left us long ago and cadences are taking over. Some day I hope to find that dress I thought I knew she loved so much, but I can’t help believing such a lie. The tempo’s stopped for both of us, our paces quickly falling out of time. Let’s dance like no one’s watching. Forget about the fact you’ll soon be standing alone. Be still, your hands are trembling, and take my keys ‘cause I’m not taking you home. It’s getting hard to breathe, I can’t even hear the music. Someone turn the lights back on and call a cab ‘cause I am going home. I don’t have to wear expensive shoe when I go out with you. This image we portrayed ‘till now has died. To say that either one of us have gained a single thing from this is why I tried.
Track Name: Saturn
Lights die. Fireside. Sit next to me. Our open hearts speak freely. Flames cast these shadows. Hold on you’ll see. Take my hand fly with me. Slow down. It’s not time. Patience is key. We should’nt act so suddenly. Sunrise. With blurred eyes, still I can see. The future seemed so promising. Promise me. We’re wasting precious time. Let’s leave those rules behind. Saturn take us home. Where ever home may be.
Track Name: Try For Me
I’m being led by a mind so simple. It takes a lot of me. Am I the paint? Are you the stencil displaying all the words you write in me? Am I the parchment? Are you the pencil? Write in me something interesting that people want to read. Plucking heartstrings and playing feelings, dead end results always repeating. It takes a lot of me. I know what’s been keeping you up all night. Try for me. I know what’s been holding you down all day. I think you owe me this much. Write in me something interesting that people want to read. It’s in me, something interesting is being written in me. If you can teach an old heart new tricks, then teach this one to love again.
Track Name: What Good Intentions Are
Your’e the hardest person to approach. You intimidate me so much. But I’m so caught up in translations, I can’t interpret the words you won’t spit out. Too much chasing you has worn me down to nothing. I’ve lost so much energy just keeping up that I have lost all the strength in me. This time I’m holding you accountable. Thought I’m not angry, I know what good intentions are. It’s time we confront these hopes that we have feared to talk about until now. I have lost all the strength in me. And you know I owe it all to you.
Track Name: Oh, the Irony
I put my life on hold for the thought of what we had and could of been, I counted years gone down the drain. I always thought we would make it through. We’ve spent so long, I never thought that best friend could move on. It’s time, so long. It’s ironic that we end this in a song. Open your eyes.