How to Grow Your Brain

by Cavalier

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When you buy this album, all of the money goes to the band, not Steve Jobs.
Debut full length W/ guest appearance by Shane from Valencia and Alan and Dan from Four Years Strong.


released January 1, 2008

Produced by Nik Tyler and Matt Robnet of Play/Work Productions. Mixed by Allen Combs of Rival Grey Productions



all rights reserved


Cavalier Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Promontory
Your flight from heaven crash landed in my dream. But to be completely honest, I wasn’t worth the energy. Innervated from your wings, but I’ll continue sleeping. You’ve made a dreamer out of me. You’ve become the beeping in my alarm. You’re screaming at me. You’re begging me to open up my eyes. I know I’m nothing but hopeless with nobody else to hold me tight, but you made the choice to comfort me tonight. With all the problems in this world and the war you could be helping fight, You made the choice to comfort me tonight. Will the lips that started off last year be the same as I remember them? So soft. So persistent. You’ve got me anxious to find out. My ticket’s booked for the next flight out of town. I’ll soon be heading southbound. Come get me. And as this feeling overtakes me, like this overwhelming current coming over both of us.
Track Name: The Outsiders
Today I actually paid attention, and the more you spoke of how your family was severing, it tore me apart to see your life start untethering. But try and find this strength in love notes memorized, words that men have died to keep alive. Oh to think I gladly shook the hand responsible for holding you down. What a shame it is to try and keep a spirit like yours down. Get out! Now everybody’s listening.
Track Name: Mayday! Mayday!
I guess with time things just get better, but if we’re lucky they’ll stay the same. You’ll never come around and I will never change. Someones hands are wrapped around my neck. it breaks my heart and makes me sick to know what your ambitions are. Pilot turn this plane around and put on the ground. But if we crash and none of us survive, I guess I’ll be alright, ‘cause I won’t be missed tonight. I’ve spent this morning out past the breakers, I’m losing my track of time. And smiling because it’s finally over, now this island’s mine. I’m on my way, I think my folks would understand.
Track Name: Do Me a Favor
Do Me a Favor, put two and two together. Put it all on the table and say to my face that I’m a liar. I’m not a liar. I’ve been to the parties and I’ve seen what you do, and just for the record, I’ve forgiven you. Not an easy thing to do. It’s a feeling you get in the back of your throat when your conscience catches up and your trying not to choke. These walls we’ve built are obvious and now they’re firm between us. Was it worth the fashion? I’m not a liar.
Track Name: Honeybees
Hey, do you remember the Greenwater days? Oh! It makes me anxious just thinking. I wish that there was a way that I could go back to hiding out in your car. No one could find us there. Tell me I am destined for the places I have never been before. The places I could only dream of. Like a wishing well, we want what we can’t live without. We could live by ourselves. What we thought was our home was just a place where all our sadness goes. Picking at the roots from under the wheel, I’m gonna find something that I can feel. It’s gonna rain. I’m sick of the sun. She walking down the street with all her clothes. She’s not gonna smile until she knows it’s gonna rain, ‘cause she’s sick of the sun. And we had the time when we were young but the world overtook us, and with it, everything we loved. Oh honeybees! I’ve always wanted to be free of money and greed.
Track Name: We'll All Answer to Jesus
I’m gonna fall asleep watching the news tonight. Maybe you crashed your car on the highway. That could be your only alibi, the only reason why you never arrived. Well you’ve been lied to you’ve been cheated on, but you never noticed anyway. You drank away your problems and you get that from your father. We’ll all answer to Jesus someday. I just swing by to say “Hi.” and maybe even stay a while. You’re way to busy trying to bring me down to see the problems that you’re causing yourself. It’s not too late to turn this thing around, but keep it down. Nobody’s interested in hearing you shout.
Track Name: What Good Intentions Are
Your’e the hardest person to approach. You intimidate me so much. But I’m so caught up in translations, I can’t interpret the words you won’t spit out. Too much chasing you has worn me down to nothing. I’ve lost so much energy just keeping up that I have lost all the strength in me. This time I’m holding you accountable. Thought I’m not angry, I know what good intentions are. It’s time we confront these hopes that we have feared to talk about until now. I have lost all the strength in me. And you know I owe it all to you.
Track Name: Jaybird
I fear the day you’ll greet the pain I’ve come to write my song’s about: sins that tore this world apart. You’ll fall in love, but they may not love you back remember what I’m singing now. It’s meant for times like that. Hey Jaybird! Tell me what your sad about. Don’t you know that God himself created you to sing? And it breaks my heart to see you sitting in the snow. That’s not a place for birds you know. It’s up to you to see how high you go, and everybody else is waiting ‘till you know. Hey Jaybird! I was gonna fly once to, but no matter what I tried I couldn’t leave the ground, and I brought myself down. You’ve got choices you should choose and you’ve got boys that you should lose. Hey Jaybird! You’ve got two wings you should use. Jaybird don’t you know it’s up to you to stay or go, ‘cause I’ve been waiting, anticipating, singing, smiling, but nothings changing. You’ve got the rock so get t on the roll.
Track Name: Cavalier II: The Secret of the Ooze
I’ve heard tales of kids just like us. Let’s be honest, we’ve lost focus. I’ve dreamt often, I’m not who I’ve been. The point of a memory is just to make them. It’s time to come home and cut your losses. I’m out of money, but I’m my own boss now. And I’ve got one, more flight to take. I’m gonna find out why I’m acting out this way. It’s been a month now, a layover stole my morning. Backpack. Passport. I’m late now my flight is boarding. Cool air. A soft hum. The captain’s final warning. Gin cut with tonic. Courage placed before me.
Track Name: The Emblem of Suffering and Shame
I’ve spoken words that were never true to my closest friends and people that I never knew. To think that I could address this all in just a song...I could never be more wrong. I met a man who had promised me futures down an easy road. Every wound you had would soon be sutured. I had that all with my eyes closed. While you were next to me. I feel the world, with it’s sights set upon me, with my hands untied, this could be my shot at bravery. But I’m afraid just to prove which one of us is brave. I might just walk away. I’m the misery, you’re the company. And after everything...the places that I’ve seen, I’m not about to just stand and let this go down...without you going down to.